We pursue our photo to be more than just touching...
Our studio is located at center of Chungdam intersection, equipped with studio set 1, 2, 3, dress showroom, fitting room, make-up room with total area of more than 7,000 sq. ft. indoor studio & around 4,000 sq. ft. rooftop outdoor cafe set. Both indoor & outdoor photo shooting is available within studio building.

  • B1 Flr : counseling room and office
  • B2 Flr : make-up room, dress display & fitting room, studio 1 is located.
  • B3 Flr : studio 2 & 3 is located.
  • Rooftop studio : outdoor rooftop studio is located.


Officially designated wedding studio by KTO (Korea Tourist Organization)

Officially designated wedding studio by KTO (Korea Tourist Organization)

Officially designated wedding studio by Gangnam Medical Tourism Association

Exhibit & operate wedding booth at Gangnam Medical Tourist Center

Operate Korea wedding association target to overseas market called KSA (Korea Studio Alliance)

Pioneer of Korean Wedding Photography

The Chungdam Studio CEO Mr. Sang Hoon, Lee
Mr. Sang Hoon Lee is representative of The Chungdam Studio proving old saying "Old is better than New" or "Better the devil you know than the devil you don't know". He has been in our group the longest in Korean wedding industry for past 17 years. He has been influenced by his father who himself had operated wedding studio for almost 30 years. Photography use to be very familiar field from his childhood. After being inherited wedding studio from his father, he has been leading group since then in Korean wedding business.

Mr. Lee make us pay more attention by reason he continue to pursue Korean wedding photography market to be developed in bigger business specially to overseas market not only remain as mere photographer but to businessman and use to lead Korean wedding business and its group in various ways. He have established "Korean Wedding Photographers Association" in 1997 and hold regular meeting to seek development among its members. He also focus on overseas market 5 years ago and build up various associates and business partners in worldwide branches including Jeju Island, China PRC, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan.

Wedding industry is progressing rapidly and consumer's expectation is ever growing day by day. Therefore, Mr. Lee is continuously seeking to develop various wedding products to meet worldwide customer's expectation in many ways. Once his devotion and passion as photographer, now he want to devote himself for upgrading wedding industry as businessman.

From monthly wedding magazine "Wedding 21"

Strong points for choosing the Chungdam Studio

  • 1) FREE rental service of Korean traditional costume "HANBOK" & Korean royal robes.
  • 2) One-stop service total wedding studio including dress room, make-up room, fitting room
  • 3) FREE rental service of high-end imported quality dresses including Vera Wang, Christine Vera, etc.
  • 4) Professional make-up artist will conduct hair styling & various co-ordinations throughout pre-wedding photography session
  • 5) Professional English/ Mandarin speaking consultants will conduct simultaneous interpretation service throughout pre-wedding photography session
  • 6) Conduct pre-wedding photography at various outdoor locations at beautiful Korean outdoor sceneries by season
  • 7) Provide & link to various beauty services including skin whitening, skincare, Botox injections, skin filler by affiliating with various reliable cosmetic medical clinics in Gangnam district.

Jeju Island and various worldwide branches and associates

Jeju Island branch, The Chungdam studio, Beijing, PRC, Shanghai, PRC, Hangzhou, PRC, Tsingtao,
PRC, Hong Kong, Sinapore, Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Malaysia (Penang), Taiwan

Experienced shooting of many popular TV artists, wedding photo and profile photo

Hyun Bin (top movie star), Lee Hyo Ri (top idol singer), Lee Jun Ki (top movie star), Lee Gyung Gyu (popular comedian and MC),
Song Ji Hyo (TV artistat "Running Man", Lee Gi Gwang (singer), SG Wannabe (idol group), Lim Ha Ryong (comedian),
Jeong Seung Yong (Korean national football team) and many more.....