Prewedding phoot shoot in Korea / Indoor / 더청담스튜디오 / 실내촬영



dreamer3110 said:

18th Jan, 02:36 PM



Just want to share my experience with Chungdam Studio in Seoul back in Nov 17 for the Autumn shoot.


 Before the trip, I have done some research against other PWS studios in Korea as well as Singapore.


As a summary for new wedding couples if you guys are looking at only PWS, definitely Korea is of better quality and price.


 In Korea, they offer all digital copies (RAW) back to you and only touch up the selected copies depending on your package.



For myself, I was lucky to be able to take my PWS in Chungdam Studio with short notice to Jamie (coordinator)


 who is very promptly to all messages and patient to my queries.


 She speaks good English which bridges the communication gap that most people are afraid.


Don be afraid to post her any questions as she will get back to you to make sure you are comfortable with them.



A lot of Singapore bridal shops who offer Korea package actually used their studio for the wedding shoot


but you will get less and pay more as compared to direct contact with Jamie.


Ping her for the detailed list of packages they offer.


Selection of dress, hairdo and makeup

Chungdam Studio offers a variety of wedding gown especially white (over 200) but limited evening gown (around 30).


All accessories and hairdo (2 styles) are included as part of the package.


Guys will have choices of tuxedos, suits, jackets and accessories (bow tie)


As my fiancee is quite slow in selecting stuff, we decided to pay 100k won to do the selection one day earlier.


 One hour of selection and fitting for you which is actually sufficient for most if you already have the design in mind.


Do some research on the type of wedding gown (heartshape, mermaid, bell etc) before you go to avoid any disappointment.


Photoshoot Experience

Throughout the photoshoot, Jamie and assistant took very good care of us making sure


that we are comfortable and ensuring the little details on the clothing are arranged properly for the shoot.


Yun, the photographer speaks Chinese so don worry about communication barrier.


The poses are very Korean style in my opinion and if you prefer to be freestyle and more natural shoot, do share your thoughts to them beforehand.


Final Result

I got my final soft copies recently and am very happy with the result as my fiancee looks really great with the touch up.


 Making the ladies looked toned and slimmer in the photos is what most worry about but they did a good job with it.


In conclusion, for the price I paid I really enjoyed the experience with Chungdam


who provided excellent services and quality output!


Last but not least, I would like to thank the team who was taking great care of us!



The Dedicated Team

Coordinator: Jamie Jaepill Kim

Assistant: (dunno her name)

Photographer: Joon Hyeong Yun






The chungdam studio in Korea ( prewedding photography in Korea ) 


We captured the comments on the forum in SG  in order to post up couple's photos.

We appriciated your effort on a shooting day.

Congratulations on your happy marriage and we hope to keep loving each other like today.