Prewedding photo shoot in Korea / The 2nd studio / YongMa land studio / Nov 24th / 용마랜드 패키지



Raechel said:

01-01-2018 04:51 PM

Pre wedding photoshoot in Seoul, Yongma Land


We first booked yongma land studio through cheongdam studio's website in late October for our pre-wedding photoshoot in November 2017.


 Jamie who was our English coordinator was very responsive and we managed to arrange for the shoot though it was almost less than a month to go.


Prior to the shoot, we received instructions on what to bring and updates from Jamie.


We chose to have our fitting one day earlier than the shoot.


 Even when we forgot to bring certain items, Jamie and team were very helpful and quick to help us look for alternatives.


The make up and hairdo were pretty and unfortunately we didnt catch the name of our makeup artist.


She was great and sweet!


She will recommend the hairdo that suits us and ask if it's ok with us before proceeding.


Near the end of our shoot she also joined us outside and pass us hotpacks to warm us up.


Our photographer was Mr Yun who fortunately was able to speak Chinese and directed us how to pose nicely.


 We are glad the photos turned out natural though we are both usually very stiff and not sure how to pose.


Furthermore, as we took the shoot in end November and it snowed the night before,


 it was really cold on the shooting day.


But Jamie and the aunt helping us with the dress kept us warm with hotpacks and would run to us and wrap us with blankets in between shoots.


It greatly warms our hearts with the sweet and thoughtful gestures.


The afternoon after, we received from Jamie a surprise gift of behind the scenes video and photos!


Would definitely recommend Yongma Land and Cheongdam studio!


We are lucky that we booked directly with the Korea studio, Jamie who speaks English quite fluently was with us the whole time to guide us.


Special thanks to Jamie, Mr Yun and team for making our overseas pre-wedding photoshoot a memorable one!!


For those who are interested to know more, Jamie could be contacted at

The chungdam studio in Korea ( prewedding photography in Korea ) 


We captured the comments on forum  in SG to post up couple's photos.

We appriciated your effort on a shooting day.

Congratulations on your happy marriage and we hope to keep loving each other like today.