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· 5월 3일 ·

Our pre wedding photoshoot experience with The Chungdam Studio was really amazing.


Everything was being well taken care of, and the only thing that you and your partner have to do, is to literally just be present.


I guess one common issue that is likely to be sitting at the back of most people’s mind would be how to pose in order to look good in the photos.


And this is where I really want to applaud the trio Ms Jamie, (our translator and coordinator), Mr Kim Hyungyu (photogr...apher)


and Ms Jeong Mikyeong (assistant) for a superb job.


Mr Kim demonstrates exactly where we should stand and place ourselves in every single shot,


thereby making us extremely comfortable, as we do not have to fret over which angle should we position ourselves in.


He was a really good mood booster, and constantly did things to make us laugh to keep our spirits uplifted and our smiles natural.  



Ms Jeong was a huge asset in making sure that the photos turn out good.


She was with us throughout the photoshoot and never failed to help my partner and I arrange our hair and outfits,


as well as pick out accessories that would best compliment our overall look.


You can tell how dedicated she was by the manner in which she adjusted my fringe each time I moved,


 in order to ensure that everything was in tip top condition.

 The level of commitment that Ms Jeong demonstrates is highly admirable and commendable.


Ms Jamie was our first point of contact for the photoshoot and she made sure that everything flowed into place really quickly and smoothly.


She was really prompt, transparent, and reassuring in her email replies which made my partner and I really comfortable about the photoshoot.


She is fluent in English and was really good in helping us translate our request and needs to the different departments,


be it hairstyle or make up preferences. One excellent thing about her is that she is extremely hands on.


She played an active role in giving us loads of suggestions, such as which outfit would be best suited for the different backgrounds


and always made sure that we are happy and good to go.


She was also extremely familiar with the poses and was a tremendous help to the success of the entire photoshoot.


In all, my partner and I left The Chungdam Studio that very day with huge smiles on our faces,


and this is testament to the level of professionalism and dedication exuded by the team.


And without a doubt, we would definitely recommend this studio to anyone considering a pre wedding photoshoot.


With love,

 Raul and Melissa





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We appriciated your effort on a shooting day.

Congratulations on your happy marriage and we hope to keep loving each other like today.