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The Chungdam Studio pursues more than a photograph.

A pioneer in wedding photography.
CEO Sang Hoon Lee from Chungdam Studio has proven that "Old Town is a masterpiece."
It is no exaggeration to say that he has been leading the wedding market for over 25 years.
Influenced by his father, who has run a wedding studio for over 30 years, he naturally encountered photographs from his childhood. Now, from his father to his son, CEO Lee is a living witness leading the wedding studio market for three generations.

CEO Lee is drawing more attention because he is an entrepreneur who leads the wedding market with various businesses related to wedding photography. He has been at the forefront of multiple institutions and organizations related to weddings.
In 2007, he created the "Association of Wedding Photography Representatives" to build amity among wedding studios and to raise its status. In 2011, he started an overseas marketing business. Now, he works in the head office of Seoul and branches in Jeju, China, Hong Kong, and Singapore

As the wedding market evolves and consumers' awareness of photography continues to rise, CEO Lee will struggle tirelessly to develop various competitive new concept products to attract customers and escape the practical limitations of prices and products.
His passion as a lifelong photographer has transferred into the development of the wedding industry.
Isn't his pathway beautiful?

- Interview with The Monthly Wedding 21-


더청담스튜디오 로고

Since 1998

Over 26 years of wedding photography expertise.
Elegant wedding total studio with diverse backgrounds.
One of a kind of rooftop shooting centered with natural light.
Night scene of Chungdam-dong luxury street with sunset.
A total customized wedding consulting service with no hidden cost, hosted by a 15-year veteran wedding planner.

* 510, Dosan-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul


더용마랜드 로고

Time stops... The 10,000㎡ Yongma Land amusement park retains analog sensibility. A comprehensive filming studio with a new sensibility that simultaneously hosts modern indoor shooting centered on natural light, a beautiful sunset scene, and a romantic proposal night scene with various concepts harmonized with nature.
Yongma Land, famous for a filming location for numerous popular celebrity pictorials and film locations such as BTS, music videos, Running Man, and the Great Escape, is a popular filming tourist attraction for domestic and overseas customers.

* 118, Mangu-ro 70-gil, Jungnang-gu, Seoul



Since 2015

A consulting company dedicated to overseas customers interested in Korean wedding photography to take prewedding photos conveniently at a reasonable price. Direct sales between famous wedding studios, dresses, hair & makeup, and marriage-related companies and overseas consumers in Gangnam. Provide various information such as famous tourist attractions, restaurants, and shopping in Korea. Partnered with Jeju, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Macau, China, etc.

* 510, Dosan-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

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